The Kibo Code - FAQ's & Tips

How to connect your domain with your Shopify store

Connecting your domain to your Shopify store - for those who did not purchase your domain from Shopify. Once you have purchased the domain from a hosting company such as Float Hosting, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc., follow the steps mentioned below to connect your Shopify store to your domain hosting account. - Log into your Shopify store admin panel. - Expand Online Store on the left menu. - Click on Domains. - Click Connect existing domain option mentioned just below the Do...

Can a partner or family member access The Kibo Code Program?

You can share your log-in details with your partner and family, but you will need to share everything including software. For security measures, the maximum number of users is 4 before you will be locked out. -------------------------

Can we really operate this from outside the USA?

Operating the business from outside the USA Yes, you can... we show you how to do this in the training. -------------------------

Will the live training sessions be replayed?

All the training sessions are recorded, and a replay is uploaded to your Members Area within a few hours of it going live. You can then review the training as many times as you like. -------------------------

Where are The Kibo Code bonuses?

Your Kibo Code bonuses will be posted in the Member's site in the first several weeks of the program or as soon as they become available. If you came in through an affiliate link to purchase, then you must contact the affiliate partner about their special bonuses as they bonuses are not a part of the Kibo Code program. -------------------------

How fast can we start to make money?

Here at The Kibo Code our primary focus and goal is to have you making sales within the first 30 days. - As long you follow our training to the letter. - Follow all the steps as they are laid out to you with no deviations. - You should be well on your way to a full time business online.

Will I be able to set up a complete shop with the 3 products in Week 1?

Complete setup store You will be able to set up your store with 3 products within the first 30 days

How does my business partner access The Kibo Code Program?

You can share your log-in details with your business partner, (which will include the software) from two locations is not a problem. You will need to use the same email for: - The Kibo Membership - Our Software - Support desk - Forum Access - You can both attend live calls at the same time What we Do NOT offer separate login details for one Kibo code membership you will need to share, no exceptions. Please Keep this in mind: You are limited to Two Locations per account. If...

What to do if you are unable to log in to The Kibo Code Members Area

This applies only if you have already completed the registration process after your purchase and have logged in previously but now you are unable to login. Try the following step first: 1. Clear your browser cache ( and then try your password again. This may fix your problem without needing a password change. If that does not work: - Follow this link to rest your password - You need to use the same email address yo...

I forgot my Kibo Code Members Area password. How do I get a new one?

Please click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page: Or click here ( to reset your password. You will be sent an email with that allow you to reset or change your password. - Please look in your SPAM folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. - If you do not receive the email please whitelist our email ( -...

How do I change my email and/or password so they are all the same?

There are three places you can update your email to have everything matching the Kibo Code membership. A.- First to update where the emails you receive from updates on the training, you can easily update that portion anytime by going into your email account. Select the last email sent for Kibo Members scroll to the end of the email. There will be 2 links at the bottom. The one you want to select is “Update your profile” Click on that link. That will open a new window on your browser. You wi...

How do I unsubscribe from emails received from The Kibo Code?

You can unsubscribe from our email list anytime - Find one of your emails in your email client - Find any of our emails Usually it starts with [KIBO] in the title. - Scroll to the bottom of the email - Click Unsubscribe

How do I take a screenshot to use in my Support ticket?

There are several methods to take screenshots from your computer screen. Please just use one of the following instructions that fit your computer and requirements: Windows 7/8/10: • • ( The best way is to use the Windows Snipping Tool for capturing just a portion of the screen. Apple Mac: • https://www...

What happens if I do not receive the Live training Webinar Email Confirmation

If you have not received the email confirmation - Check, Your promotions tab - Check your spam / junk folder - If it ends up in the spam in junk folder make sure to mark it not spam and whitelist the email in gmail just tagging it important and dragging to the main tab works. - Click All email option in your email clients sometimes this will show all emails regardless of what tab it is in. If not, you have other options Re-register with the link found in the members ar...

Resolving the Error 500 Issue

The "500 error" is caused by older Microsoft and Safari browsers. Clearing your browser might be help: - Clearing your browser cache. If you don't know how to clear your browser cache this guide can assist you: However, the best and proper solution is to upgrade to the up to date browsers. We recommend these as your primary browsers. - Upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft edge (, - Use: our recommended browse...

How to adjust training Video Speed and Video Quality

Is the Video to Fast to follow? or You Want to Speed it up? The simple solution would be to slow down the video to do so there is an icon on the bottom right of the video player - Click on the gear icon on the Bottom Right (see images below) - You'll see two options Speed and Quality - Click Speed (Default is Speed 1x) - Select .75 should help if not try .50 speed To speed up The video it's the same steps as above just select 1.25 or higher. To Adjust Video qua...